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Details of the Rear Area Warning Device RRW-107plus

Tradition dictates

that we do not suddenly drop what we have represented and provided for 15 years, even when we describe progress with new technology.

Ultrasound Technology

Unchanged for 15 years as, at the time, it was the best we had to offer you. Many customers have been able to impress themselves with it.


The rear area of the vehicle is monitored by 12 small ultrasound sensors which areintegrated in two sensorclusters.

Range and Zones

The 2 x 6 pairs of sensors cover an area of up to 6m range which is set to 3 fixed customer-specific programmed zones.

Contour Definition and Reaction Speed

With a contour definition of 20-30 cm, the Rear Area Warning Device RRW-107 even today still achieves very good results for ultrasound. With the reproducibility and reaction speed, there is nothing to criticize about this performance category of ultrasound sensors.