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Details of the Rear Area Monitor RAM-107

Pixel-perfect Image Evaluation

The Rear Area Monitor RAM-107 sees the world in individual pixels and recognizes the distance of an object via Time of Flight measurement.

With easy to operate software, the area to be monitored is set to three freely definable zones.

Quick Reaction

The 2 x 32-bit processor architecture ensures very quick and reliable evaluation of the 3D data directly in the sensor system with up to 50 images/second

No Interference Factors

The automatic ambient light suppression guarantees recognition certainty even in full sunlight at 120 klx. In dark rooms, the IR lighting ensures reliable object detection.

Warning Signals (Optical and Acoustic)

The hazard level is displayed optically on the monitor screen in the cockpit. The driver can, however, also drive purely by "sense of hearing" without looking at the monitor. The distance to an object is also indicated audibly via an increasingly quicker sound signal. (Porsche design).

Speed Reduction

Even though the view of the 3D sensor reaches up to 35m, an object (30 x 30 x 30 cm) up to 5m away is reliably detected. A range which is more than adequate in logistics.

Patented PMD Technology

The PMD technology used ensures a very high degree of reproducibility of the measured data. In the process, the multi-phase measurement system even recognizes interference from heavy dust and water spray formation.

Robust Sensor System

The protection class IP 67 and a wide temperature range of -40 to 85°C ensure universal application.

High Reliability

Integrated sensor self-diagnosis functions up to the IR system illumination ensure the comprehensive informing of the machine control about the current functional status. In the event of damage, manipulation or heavy soiling, the sensor system can send out the appropriate signals in good time.