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We make internal logistics safe!

DriverAssistanceSystems increase driving comfort

The tbm driver assistance systems make the materialflow in intralogistics effective, quick and safe. Our systemsassist the driver during his journey with the industrial truck and help him, just like a co-pilot in rally sport, to recognize and warn him of hazards in good time. In hazardous situations, the systems intervene in the vehicle control in advance. This takes place automatically and self-acting, either by a reduction in the speed or the stopping of the vehicle. In doing so, the autonomy of the driveris not affected.

NoColl Collision Protection


Bidirectional and intelligent.

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RFID-Aura Forklift Truck all round Detection



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RRW Rear Area Monitoring


Simple and effective.

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IOG InDoor/OutDoorSpeed Regulator


Efficient and reliable.

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GBA Hazard Area Indicator


Hazard specific.

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GSA Hazardous Situation Indicator


Make Hazards Visible

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