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We make internal logistics safe!

For around 30 years we have been an innovative and leading company for safety-related equipment and solutions in logistics and property protection


With our products and services, we contribute to the optimization of the operating procedures and thereby to the optimization of productivity and earnings.

Occupational Health and Safety

With our innovative sensor technology, we make industrial trucks and forklift trucks fit for effective and safe use / material flow. The additional intelligence prevents accidents and operational disruptions and increases driving comfort. We upgrade your forklift trucks so that you can maintain your delivery and production plans.

Mobile Personnel Protection Systems

Driver Assistance Systems

Warehouse Equipment


Property Protection

With our innovative sensor technology we ensure the retention of the value of your flat roof buildings. Our sensor systems monitor the roof load due to snow and accumulated water and ensure the reliable and simple locating of leaks. With our innovative concept of roof management, we take care of your buildings with professional competence.


Snow Alarm System

Leak Locating